Copy of Contract for Island Park Cabins and Lodges
(for information purposes only)

Rental of any Island Park Cabins and Lodges property is subject to the following terms and conditions:

CLEANING FEE: An $90.00 cleaning fee will be added to all reservations.

PAYMENT TERMS: A valid credit card must be used. 50% of the total rental price must be paid at time of booking by lessee in order to confirm and hold reservation. The remainder of the balance must be paid in full 30 days prior to check in.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Lessee may cancel this lease if notice is given to Lessor more than 30 days prior to the first day of the lease term. In such event, Lessor shall be entitled to retain a $99.00 handling fee; then the balance of any funds deposited by lessee shall be returned. If a reservation is cancelled 30 days or less before the beginning of the lease term, 100% of the total rental price shall be charged. Special circumstances may occur and shall be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: A $500 security deposit will be charged to your credit card the day of your check-in. After inspection of the premises, the full amount will be refunded within 30 days of check-out, as long as nothing is missing and there haven’t been any damages.

CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT: Check-in time is 4 P.M. Checkout time is 11:00 A.M. NO EARLY CHECK-INS. PLEASE DON’T EVEN ASK.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: Upon expiration of the lease term, the rental property shall be inspected. Lessee shall be responsible for any and all damage, loss or injury to the rental property caused by Lessee or Lessee’s guests or invitees. The security deposit may be retained or charged to pay for any damage, loss or theft arising from the use and occupancy of the rental property by Lessee and Lessee’s guest and invitees. Any surplus of the security deposit left over not required covering the cost of any such loss or damage shall be refunded to lessee with in 30 days of the termination of the lease term.

LIABILITY: Lessor shall not be liable for any injury or damage, which may be sustained by the person or property of Lessee, or any other persons or property resulting from the condition of the rental property. Lessee covenants and agrees not to do or suffer endangered. Lessee hereby agrees to indemnify Lessor from any and all claims or demands for loss of or damage to property or for injury or death to any person from any cause whatsoever while in, upon or about the rental property during the lease term or any extension thereof.

NUMBER OF PEOPLE: The maximum number of people for each property shall not be exceeded. Two infants (defined as a baby that is still in diapers and will sleep in a travel playpen) per cabin do not count toward the maximum occupancy total.

    1. NOISE ORDINANCE: The Fremont County, Idaho, Disturbing the Peace Ordinance shall be complied with in all respects. This goes into effect at 10:00 p.m.
  • NO FIRES shall be allowed on the rental property except in designated stoves, fireplaces, or outside fire pits.
  • NO SMOKING shall be allowed within any buildings or structures.
  • This cabin may be substituted for another cabin in our rental pool in case of an emergency or transfer of ownership.
  • FAILURE TO COMPLY with any written rules or requests from owners, property management, or resort personnel will be cause for a minimum $250.00 fine or immediate eviction. And monies deposited or paid will not be refunded.

In addition, the following rules of Island Park Village Resort MUST be adhered to: In order for you to enjoy your time at Island Park Village as an owner, renter, or as a Guest (collectively, “Owners”), the Board of Directors of Island Park Village Association, Inc., has adopted the following RULES OF THE RESORT.

  1. Parking—Please do not park motor vehicles, trailers, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles or similar vehicles on the streets within the Resort. Trailers and RV parking areas are provided. Please contact the office prior to use.
  2. Playground and Barbecue Pavilion––(“Common area” facilities.) Use of the barbecue pavilion by Owners is on a first-come first-serve basis. The pavilion will accommodate 60 or more people, thereby allowing several groups to use the pavilion at the same time. Please be courteous and respect others just as you would have them be courteous and respect you.
  3. Temporary Living Quarters––Temporary housing is not permitted on any of the property located in Island Park Village. This includes tents, “bed-rolls,” trailers, truck-mounted campers, motor homes, or other similar vehicles. None of the above may be connected to any electrical, gas or water outlets, or sewer dumps within the Resort. Tents, including children’s tents, are NOT to be “set-up” at any time.
  4. Golf Course Access––During the summer, for your safety, playing on or walking across the Golf Course is prohibited. Please use the roadways for access to the Clubhouse and Pro Shop. Fishing, wading or swimming is not allowed in or on the ponds or streams located on the Golf Course or other Resort property.
  5. Golf Course Use––All Owners wishing to play golf must schedule a tee time, check-in at the Clubhouse Pro Shop and pay the necessary fees prior to entering the Golf Course. Please note that mid-course starts are not permitted.
  6. Pets––For the safety of all Owners, guests and visitors, all pets and animals must be tethered or confined within the Owners’ property. It is against the Protective Covenants of the Resort for any animal to become a nuisance, which includes dogs which bark constantly or chase or threaten individuals. Such incidents will be dealt with by management and per the Covenants, may require the pet be removed from the premises. [Although the resort may allow pets, Island Park Cabins and Lodges does not allow its guests to bring ANY pets to any of its cabins.]
  7. Trash––Waste and litter shall not be dumped or left on any portion of the premises. Household-bagged garbage may be deposited in the Resort’s garbage truck located next to the maintenance service facility. However, metal objects, flammables, or anything other than bagged household garbage is not to be deposited in or around the garbage truck. These items are to be removed from your property in a timely manner by taking them to the prescribed county landfill.
  8. Employee Treatment––In addition to their normal duties, employees of the Resort insure that Owners and guests have an enjoyable and relaxing time at the Resort. No abuse, either verbal (foul language or threats) or physical (gesturing or contact) toward any employee will be tolerated. These acts are not permitted by the employee and should not be allowed by Owners or others. Of you have a concern about an employee’s behavior, please contact the Resort’s general manager.

HOT TUB WAIVER—I agree to the following conditions:

  1. Lessee will test the hot tub water with the provided test strips. Lessee will add chemicals to balance hot tub chemical levels, if necessary, before using the hot tub.
  2. Five (5) person maximum hot tub occupancy.
  3. No food or drink of any kind shall be allowed in the hot tub.
  4. No body lotions shall be allowed in the hot tub.
  5. Shower off before entry.
  6. No infants shall be allowed in the hot tub; No children sixteen (16) years of age or younger will be allowed in the hot tub without CONSTANT adult supervision.
  7. No jumping, diving, or splashing, in the hot tub.
  8. Cover must be on and latched down whenever not in use.
  9. Water level must be a few inches above filter when finished to avoid pump damage. Please fill if needed.
  10. Hot tub will be left in the same condition as it was found upon entry of lease agreement.
  11. All individuals, including pregnant women and/or those under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs shall use the hot tub at their own risk.
  12. The water will be tested with the test strips provided and chemicals added to adjust chemical levels in hot tub, if necessary, before the hot tub is used.

If the hot tub is damaged or otherwise mistreated during my tenancy, or if upon arrival, I find that the hot tub has been previously misused, I understand it is my responsibility to immediately contact CTR Development/Island Park Rentals at 800-584-7740. I understand that by accepting this policy and waiver, it is my responsibility to inform every person using the hot tub of these rules and to ensure every person in my party abides by them. I further understand that failure to comply with these guidelines will result in paying any expenses to restore the hot tub to its prior condition.

I understand that this agreement/waiver is incorporated into, and is part of the original lease agreement between the parties. By accepting this agreement, I release the owners and rental agent from any liability associated with use of the hot tub. I have read and agree with the above stated conditions.

ATV, DIRT BIKE, and SNOWMOBILE RULES—I agree to the following:
When using ATVs, Dirt Bikes, or Snowmobiles in and around Island Park Village Resort, the following rules must be strictly adhered to.

  1. I understand that no overnight vehicle or trailer parking of any kind is allowed on the road system within the Resort.
  2. I acknowledge that ATV, Dirt Bike, and Snowmobile SPEED LIMIT on all roads within the Resort is 10 miles per hour.
  3. I understand that NO ATV, Dirt Bike, or Snowmobile riding is allowed within 100 feet of any condo building.
  4. I will respect other Resort Owners’ properties. I will not ride ATVs, Dirt Bikes, or Snowmobiles through residential lots located throughout the Resort, vacant lots included.
  5. I understand that the golf course, including the golf cart paths, is OFF LIMITS to all ATVs, Dirt Bikes, and Snowmobiles. This includes the cart paths located at the clubhouse.
  6. I understand that pulling of any device in which or on which individuals are riding is prohibited on ALL ROADS within the Resort.

I understand that these rules have been set by the Island Park Village Resort for my safety and the safety and well-being of others. I will comply with them so that all may enjoy their stay at Island Park Village. I have read and agree with the above stated conditions. I understand that violating the above said conditions could result in a fine or eviction. If evicted, I understand that I will not receive a refund of ANY monies paid.

By clicking the box above and submitting this reservation, I agree that I and all in my party will abide by the Rules and Regulations of Island Park Rentals, as well as the Rules and Regulations of Island Park Village Resort. I also understand that failure to abide by these rules and regulations will result in a minimum $250.00 fine or immediate eviction, whereupon any monies deposited or paid will not be refunded.